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Why should I become a member?
We think there’s something special about knowing the people who make your wine, watching the grapes mature on the vine, and enjoying a glass of Pinot that speaks to the place you call home. Our members join us for community events at the winery and are invited to participate in the grape-growing and winemaking. And they get a 20% discount on all the wine they take home.

How does it work?
Like “U-Pick” farms, we sell our members fruit on the vine. In our case, the purchase is an undivided interest in the harvest, with substitution across vintage years and vineyards.

A winery membership is equivalent to purchasing the fruit from seven vines. We invite you to take part in farming and harvesting your vines. If you’d prefer not to, we will do it for you, or invite other members to do it for you.

We make the wine from your fruit-interest, and provide those bottles to you. We also give you instruction in viticulture and winemaking. And we invite you to participate in quarterly events here at the winery. Participation may be limited at some events, and we encourage members to sign up early.

What does membership cost?
Simply the cost of 12 bottles of wine at a 20% discount. That comes to somewhere around $400 a year, depending on the bottle selection.
All of our member events are free.

What are my commitments as a member?
There’s only one: to purchase a minimum of 12 bottles of our member releases over the course of one year.

Members receive a gift box with three bottles of wine every quarter. Each “wine share” contains two bottles of Estate Pinot Noir and one bottle of Portola Vineyards wine selected by the vintner. Members must pick up their shares here at the winery. We invite members and their families to enjoy membership events, but participation is entirely optional.

Is membership limited?
We invite local families to join. Members must be able to pick up their wine shares at the winery. While we are able to ship to certain states, we don’t take members who aren’t local.

How long does my membership last?
As a member, you commit to a minimum of one year (four quarterly shares). After that, you can terminate your membership at any time. Membership renews automatically, unless you tell us you’d like to stop.

How do I terminate my membership?
Simply send us an email or give us a call and we’ll end your membership right away.

And if I want to purchase more than 12 bottles?
No problem. We’ll extend that same 20% discount to any additional wine purchases.

Sound good? Sign up to become a member